Friday, June 29, 2012

Is there a neighborhood directory for services?

I am frequently asked if there are any electricians, contractors, landscapers, pool companies reqpresneted by our property owners. Any interesting thought would be to set up something for our neighbors and maybe a discount program ... Just a side thought, some owners share a lawn meaning that there is no discernable line where the properties end/begin. It's kind of up to the landscaper to decide what they cut and what they don't. At the end of the day, by speaking to your landscapers (especially if one is much better/cheaper/more reliable that the other) your property(ies) might look better, you might save a few bucks if a guy does two properties instead of one (and maybe even more) especially since gas prices hover around $4/gallon. The same could be said for pool companies ... with numerous accounts in one subdivision, the same factors could apply ... better/cheaper/more reliable. Your comments will be most welcome ... Desert Pride Neighborhood Watch

Trailers, R/V's, Boats, Oh my !!!

Like Lions and Tigers and Bears ... some folks feel these vehicles are like wild animals in our development ... Some people just don't think they belong because of their perception of what their presence does to the property values of a residential community -vs- storage lot. Well, City code allows vehicles to be parked on the street or in public view for 72 consecutive hours. Vehicles must be licensed and operational. Inoperable vehicles on private or public property must be parked out of public view and on an improved surface. The City has a little twist for Recreational Vehicles: STREET PARKING: No RV shall be parked or stored for more than 72 consecutive hours or for a combined total exceeding 72 hours during any seven day period, at any public street location or combination of public street locations within the City. Lots of folks have them because it's how they travel to stay at what may be a second/vacaton home in Desert Pride; or travel is a hobby; or outdoor sports may be a hobby; or it could be work related. Other vehichle information: Parking in yards – Vehicles may not be parked on the lawn or dirt. Vehicles can be parked in your driveway if they are licensed and operational. RC ZONE: RVs may be parked in the front, side or rear yards of residential properties provided the area in which it is parked is an improved surface that must extend to the width and length of the RV. RVL, RL, AND RM ZONES: RVS may be stored or parked in a side or rear yard provided that a lawfully installed and permanently maintained solid wall or fence six feet in height screens such RV from abutting property and public view on an improved surface that must extend to the width and length of the RV. Your comments will be most welcome ... Desert Pride Neighborhood Watch

My neighbor's garbage cans are always out ...

Every Friday is trash pick-up day in Desert Pride, unless there is a holiday during the week and then pickup will occur one day later - Saturday. We've understood that that trash cans are not allowed to be moved to the street for pick up until 12 hourse prior to scheduled pickup; and that trash cans need to be removed from the street and stored out of public view within 12 hours of the collection period; however, Code Enforecment actually says: Trash containers shall be stored out of public view in a side or rear yard or an enclosed garage except on pickup day. On occasion, we may have all been guilty from time to time of putting the cans out early if something came up; and maybe moreso for leaving the cans out after pickup because of a scheduling/travel conflict. According to the City, failure to do so may result in a citation from Code Enforcement. The problem described to me from numerous people is that some neighbors just move them off the curb and not out of Public View as required by Code ... and here's some questions I've received: Are their side yards full? or garages full? Are they just lazy? Don't they care about how unsightly they are? Don't they care about what this does to the overall public perception and corresponding property values here in Desert Pride? Do you have any change in your pocket? how about giving your 'Two Cents' worth' of opinion on this topic ... Your comments will be most welcome ... Desert Pride Neighborhood Watch

Street Lights would make our development safer ...

This is a statment that I have heard from numerous neighbors. Some might say it another way: The stars are especially bright in La Quinta because of the city’s limited use of street lights, so enjoy looking up at a clear view of hard-to-find constellations. My thoughts are that criminals are going to find a way to complete their nefarious acts whether we have street lights or not. We still must protect ourselves. When you speak to the City's finest, they say that motion-sensored lighting is the best avenue. for safety and security. If the light is not on, there is noone there; however, if the light is on you may want to check what made it come on ... There are other thoughts that a modicum of solar lighting, such as in our little park, would be nice; and a nice alternative to not having to rip up the streets to install lighting. The cost factor is at the center of this dicussion, of course. Your comments will be most welcome ... Desert Pride Neighborhood Watch

Summertime and the living is ...

Summer is now upon us and that ol' song is running around in my brain ... ♫Summertime, and the livin' is easy♫ well that may be true for some however I believe the majority would substitute the word easy for 'hot' or even 'boring' depending how old you are ... nevertheless, it is time for me to remind you of some thoughts for summer ... The snowbirds have gone home, there's parking everywhere, it's hot-hot-hot and the kids are out of school.

Things really slow down when schools close for the summer. Vacations start, kids go to camp or the beach, etc.; however... not everyone can get away. Boredom can set in quickly when there's little to do and no money to do it with ..... which reminds me of a quote I've cited previously "If the Devil finds a man idle, he'll set him at work - J. Kelly - Scottish Proverbs 1721.

Don't be a victim - Keep Alert !!! and keep your garage door closed or at least only open enough so that no one can get under it, especially a small unattended child. Considering that heat rises, there may be no significant benefit in keeping your garage door open anyway. You'd be better off installing a vent higher over the existing vent(s) in your garage to allow a better flow of air, getting an attic fan, a whole house fan or maybe a garage air conditioner.

Watering tip to save money, save water and make your landscape drought resistant: Water once in the morning, a good soak so the water goes deep and the roots will follow. Watering 3-5 times a day, might make you think you're being nice to your landscape but a lot of water hits the sidewalk and gutter 3-5 times a day taking your money with it. There's also 3-5 times as much evaporation, especially at the hotter times of day - wasted water and money; and finally, the roots remain close to the surface where they are subject to higher temperatures and if subjected to severe conditions or a REAL drought came, they have no chance. If your water is one 3-5 times a day, it's probably because your Gardener has never changed it since the last overseeding ... Mother nature says "For shame" ... Additionally, consider a smart irrigation controller from CVWD. As always ... Keep the faith !!!