Monday, February 8, 2010

La Quinta's finest keep on giving.....

Recently I was asked to obtain statistics relevant to nefarious activities in our quiet, little development '4OC1' (Four Oh Charlie One) also known as Desert Pride to many. I contacted La Quinta's finest and ... Presto! Here it is...

Burglary -- Includes residential, open/unlocked garage and/or any other structure on the property.
2008 -- 3
2009 -- 10

Burglary Vehicle -- Reminder, if a vehicle is unlocked and/or a window is left down the incident is reported as a theft and not a burglary.
2008 -- 10
2009 -- 2

Obviously, the total number is nearly the same for 2008 -vs- 2009, however, running through the glovebox and console for CD's and loose change is a little different from ransacking a home. The economy has likely played a part in the reversal of fortune which means we need to stick together even more so. Use those eyes and ears, write down what you see/saw and then use those phones.

Keep the faith!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

LA Police Dept. writes excellent article

La Quinta Police Department Flyer and information in La Quinta GEM (Feb 2010)


Your open garage door, perhaps more than any other feature of your home, is perceived by a criminal as an open invitation to commit a crime. An open garage door not only serves to facilitate a crime, but actually encourages it. The simple reason is ease of access. What could be easier than unhindered access to a darkened garage to “help yourself” to whatever you find or to gain immediate access to the interior of your home?

So what can you do to protect yourself?

• First and foremost—CLOSE YOUR GARAGE DOOR! Develop the habit of keeping your garage door closed. Teach and train every family member to do the same.
• Get to know your neighbors and once a trust is developed, consider asking them to close your garage door if you forget.
• Install a deadbolt on all doors that lead from the garage to the interior of the residence. Keep all doors locked even if the garage door is closed.
• Deactivate your automatic garage door opener and manually lock your garage door anytime you are going to be away overnight.
• Remove the key and lock the doors of a vehicle parked in the garage even if the garage door is closed.

These are simple yet effective steps you can take to minimize the potential that you will become the victim of a crime. Remember, criminals are looking for an easy crime. When you leave your garage door open you are making it even easier for them.

If you have any further questions please call Officer Fowler at 760-777-7376.

Keep the faith!