Monday, July 11, 2016

Letter from City of La Quinta

The City of La Quinta recently sent all Property Owners/Residents a letter. Come to think of it, they may have mailed to all property addresses so a tenant may receive a letter that an Owner/Landlord is not aware of.

The letter is an advance notification of Neighborhood Survey of Code Violations. The letter intimates that they've used numerous means to gather information and it's apparent there are many Code Violations throughout the City resulting in their need to commence identifying and addressing all code violations. One would assume the information is from the violations called in, surveys received, etc. including but not limited to personal observations of employees. This mass effort would seem extraordinary if we did not know how funding and employee numbers have been reduced over the years. In better times, there were more employees to handle these issues without a massive effort, that I remember anyway.

You might think that they should be doing something else with their time however there are many problems this will address. Staying on the positive, you should expect to see and hear less and less of vermin problems, insect/bee/wasp problems, stored materials which may hold water leading to mosquito problems (Zika issues), or stored materials which may hide a burglar snooping about and it  certainly should clean up the frontage of certain homes and ultimately providing us a higher quality of life to enjoy our ownership/residency which leads to property appreciation.

The clock is ticking so if you think you may have an issue call and ask (760) 777-7000. If the city gets involved with notices, citations and corrections it can only mean a more expensive scenario for you.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Attempted Burglary

Recently one of our neighbors had their doorbell rung at 3:00 in the morning. She turned all her lights on and yelled at them through the door. Peeking out the window disclosed no one so it is apparent that someone has developed a new process ... waiting for someone to "not answer or respond" then expecting that it's a snowbird's home or maybe someone on vacation. This is a real good reminder to remain alert, take some time to consider what you would do if this happened to you and re-consider how your security is serving you.  Think about keeping your car keys next to your bed ... you can always push the button and get the alarm going. Much better to apologize to the neighbors the next morning when you and your property are safe.