Thursday, June 27, 2013

Did you know there is a Desert Pride BLOG ???

While there is always an interest in keeping ourselves and our families safe and our property protected, we are also community-minded and must consider our neighbors. I don't know how many Owners/residents are even aware of the community information available for your review ... Should you have a moment, you might be quite interested in the Desert Pride Neighborhood Watch blog. Find it at: .... I am writing at this time (and will convert this article to a flyer) because the city recognizes that we have a speeding problem in the development and understands that like so many other North La Quinta neighborhoods, there are a lot of kids in and about our community not even considering that school is out now and kids are in harms way even more so ... The City is interested in getting a handle on the speeding problem before someone speeding to pickup or drop off their child OR someone who didn't plan properly might hurt somebody ... When you have time to check out the Blog, refer back to the original speeding article in May and then check the June article (Speeding Follow up)and then look at the map on the reverse of the flyer I will be handing out soon.
Please share your thoughts about 'Speeding' and any other issue OR any question about the neighborhood that you might have. Kindly use the following email address: ... I know the email address may be long however once you type it you'll never have to type it again - your computer will save it for you :) ... As always ... Keep the faith !!! . Your neighbor - Roger A. Sullivan

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mondays are street sweeping days ...

Not everyone may be aware that Mondays are when our streets in Desert Pride get services by the street sweepers (even though they are sown to every other week, now) ... the vehicle in the photo was selected for convenience out of many and should not be construed as the only resident who may not know the schedule ... so please try to remember to move your vehicles off the streets on Monday if you can and keep Desert Pride cleaner and our property values up :)

Carpet and Tile Cleaning has a new face ...

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Property values are rising again so ...

Property values are rising again so many things that seemed insignificant in the past are becoming more important to the value of the properties here in Desert Pride. Appraisers will tell you that little things like garbage cans left out and not kept behind gates as provided for in the Municipal Code, parked cars and trucks gathering spider webs and leaves or lawns and landscaping not maintained whether it's your house or the neighbor's can affect their appraisal of the property, not to mention the mindset of a Buyer or potential Buyer driving through to check out the development. Keep an open mind as to not only what is convenient for you but also what is the "right thing" to do ... Desert Pride Neighborhood Watch

Are you up to date on your Emergency Preparedness?

It's all been said much better than I could say it or have said it in past blogs ... check this out: Be prudent, keep yourself and the family safe and ... Keep the faith!!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Speeding in Desert Pride (FOLLOW-UP)

The City has been investigating the speeding issue here in Desert Pride. There initial thoughts are to install 25 MPH warning signs in approximately a dozen locations in the Development. They have indicated that they will have officers enforce the signs. What does that mean, you ask? It means patrol cars and motor officers "Cops on Motorcycles" will be keeping an eye on various areas and writing tickets to those who speed or endanger our health and safety and that of the kids in the development. In one span of a half dozen houses on Coldbrook there are 13 kids alone ... Just so happens to be one of the worst areas for speeders and these owners aren't the ones complaining ... but should be ... we all should be. There is also conversation about speed bumps ... Well, I am not necessarily a fan however they really shouldn't need to spend officers time watching for speeders and writing tickets if speed bumps are controlling traffic. Speeding ... What's it all about? Do you not plan accordingly and you are late? Call work, your friend, client, baby sitter or the restaurant where your reservation is and let them know you will be a few minutes late. This is not only the proper thing to do in relation to the person you will be interfacing with but it will also relieve your stress more importantly it may save a life. Let us all know what you think ... and as always ... Keep the faith !!! Roger