Thursday, February 23, 2012

Garage door security - How much thought have you given it?

Here's a few suggestions that could help you feel safer in your home or sleep better at night when you're away

1) Installing a switch in the house to control the electrical outlet for your garage door controller(s). Should you need to leave your house for an extended period, all electrical power for the garage door(s) is shut off by the new switch; and when you return home ... a flip of the switch returns the operation to normal.

2) If your garage door(s) do not already have them, manual slide bar(s) can be installed for additional security. These are installed and slide into one of the door(s) track slot openings. If worried about damaging your door(s) when these are installed, you can paint them red as a reminder to disengage prior to opening when you return to your home.

3) Padlocking the referenced manual slide bars could be an additional precaution of preventing the garage being used as an exit way and/or removing any furniture, golf carts or vehicles.

4) Install a peep-hole viewer in the door from the house into your garage just like the front door. If you are in the habit of leaving your garage door open for convenience or venting while your car cools down, even if you think you don't leave it open enough for someone to get in - be careful... and finally

5) Always look and listen before you open the door to the garage and then turn on the lights inside the garage before you open the door and look and listen again before opening. If you do not have a switch for the interior garage lights inside the door within reach of your view from teh newly-installed peephole, call an electricial and install one or move the existing one closer.