Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summertime and the living is easy ......

The snowbirds have gone home, the lines at Costco and Walmart are shorter, there's parking nearly everywhere (but little shade), the kids are out of school and ..... Did I mention there's little shade anywhere?

Things can be fairly peaceful when schools close for the summer. Vacations can start, kids go to camp or the beach, etc.; however... not everyone can get away. Boredom can set in quickly when there's little to do and no money to do it with ..... which reminds me of this quote "If the Devil finds a man idle, he'll set him at work - J. Kelly - Scottish Proverbs 1721.

Don't be a victim - Keep Alert !!! and keep your garage door closed or at least only open enough so that no one can get under it, especially a small unattended child. Considering that heat rises, there may be no significant benefit anyway. You'd be better off installing a vent high above the existing vent(s) in your garage to allow a flow of air, getting an attic fan or whole house fan.

Watering tip to save money, save water and make your landscape drought resistant: Water once in the morning, a good soak so the water goes deep and the roots will follow. Watering 3-5 times a day, might make you think you're being nice to your landscape but a lot of water hits the sidewalk and gutter 3-5 times a day taking your money with it. There's 3-5 times as much evaporation - wasted water and money; and finally, the roots remain close to the surface where they are subject to higher temperatures and if subjected to severe conditions or a REAL drought came, they have no chance. Additionally, consider a smart irrigation controller from CVWD.

Stay tuned for more coming soon and .......... Keep the faith!