Friday, November 25, 2011

Safety and Security tips continued

Carry personal protection devices such as pepper spray. Personal protection at home must be secured but available and only that which you are kept fully trained in and comfortable with.

Be kept aware of “Best Practices” in security and disaster/emergency preparedness. “Best Practices” is a continually evolving process.

Be aware of your surroundings. Take a moment to look around. Are there any strangers or suspicious people around? What is out-of-place? What is different? What could be a threat to me? Make awareness a simple and easy task every time you exit or enter a door, enter another area and when you exit and enter your neighborhood and home. Also, what looks normal might be criminal activity, such as people taking items and appliances out of a home into a truck or van. If your instincts tell you something is not right or makes you uncomfortable, be ready to reverse direction back where you came from such as back into your home, a mall or office. Ask for assistance and/or report your suspicions. Keep the “She Bear” attitude of a female grizzly bear protecting her cubs, of which she is the fiercest animal in the forest. When walking, don’t look down, keep that “I am on a mission attitude” and be prepared to tell someone to “take” off and/or call for help. Keeping a positive offensive attitude will not mark you as a victim.

Merry Christmas ~ 2011

My wish this year is to extend all the best the holiday season offers to you and your family. We have so much to be thankful for in this day and age ... and state of the economy ... Take a moment and refelect ... We all have our lists and when you check yours, please add our brave young men and women overseas and our veterans that preceded them ... and during the Holdiday season ... call an old friend or family member you've not spoken to in a while or include them in your christmas card list.

As creativity escapes me this year, please enjoy this creation from
Christmas past.

What a wonderful time of year.....

The houses are all trimmed ... outside and in
The presents are teeming ... that Santa brought in
The burglars are greedy ... and don't really care
Into your house ... they surely will dare

In through the garage ... or window ajar
Searchin for treasure ... to getaway in a car
Peeping high and low ... while you're in the yard
Old Rover is nappin' ... not much of a guard

They found the Ipod ... the Iphone and cash
Out thru the door ... in a great big ol' dash
Your neighbor was watching ... and wrote down with great care
Their car type, their description ... and the color of their hair

On to the phone .. calling La Quinta's finest
"911" answered the operator ... her voice was the kindest
"They stole Christmas, They're getting away" ... you did utter
"They jumped in a car" ... your heart all aflutter

"It was new and blue ... and the door had a dent"
"They got the neighbors cash ... and presents they'd been sent"
"We're on our way, don't worry ... please stay on the line"
The officers were dispatched ... and wasted no time

They caught the burglars ... returning the presents and cash
We rejoiced and regaled ... we threw quite a bash
Neighborhood Watch had won ... and proved hands down
By Gosh and By Golly ... "There's a new Santa in town"