Thursday, December 9, 2010


We don't have the disaster seasons like the rest of the Hurricanes, Flooding, etc... Mother nature adlibs now and then so we must always be prepared. In light of this, I offer the following:

In a major-mega disaster-emergency, be prepared to shelter-in-place for two weeks or longer. The old 3 day rule is not reality, only an arbitrary mark chosen by who knows whom. Be prepared with water, food, first aid supplies, birth and new baby equipment and supplies for a newborn and mother if someone is pregnant, medicines/prescriptions, shelter, lights and extra batteries, portable radio with extra batteries, etc. Water quantity should be 1 gallon per person per day, but in the summer desert heat, quantity should be 2 gallons per person per day. OK, this may be overkill but nearby your bed have a flashlight, sturdy shoes, long pants, long sleeve shirt, whistle and work gloves. Foot injuries and cuts are the most reported injuries in an earthquake. Do not step on glass after you have come from under your pillow when the shaking stops. Make sure you are o.k. first, so you can then help others. The first priority is you, then your family, then your home and then your neighbors; aBe a good scout! - Be preparedlso, be prepared in your vehicle and work place. When the Southern end of the San Andreas fault has a mega rupture it will be devastating. History shows that the Southern end has had a rupture every 150 years, except for the last 300 years. We are now 150 years overdue for a catastrophic earthquake. The Big One, an earthquake of about a magnitude 8.0, on the Southern end of the San Andreas Fault, will devastate a wide area of Southern California, including Coachella Valley. First Responders will be overwhelmed by such an event with major assistance coming from outside the region. Make a plan, build a kit and get trained. THE BIG ONE WILL HAVE A BIG BITE, DON’T GET BITTEN. The Southern end starts in the Salton Sea area and runs Northwest crossing the I-10 in the Indio area, through the Coachella Valley/Riverside County into San Bernadino County and Los Angeles County, crossing the I-5 in the Tejon Pass/Gorman area and then into the San Joaquin Valley heading to San Francisco. The Pacific Plate will slide North along the North American Plate for a distance that could be about 20 feet in areas. DARE TO PREPARE, DARE TO SURVIVE. WHEN YOU ARE PREPARED YOU ARE IN CONTROL. 10% OF LIFE IS WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU. 90% OF LIFE IS HOW YOU REACT TO IT.