Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More security tips for 2010

Being involved with a Neighborhood Watch is one of the best ways of staying on top of what's happening in the neighborhood. They say that the one with the most information usually wins. Here's your chance to be a winner. There is no prize. There is no test. If we each challenge ourselves to be a better neighbor....we all win.

When leaving or returning home, occasionally take a slow tour of an extra street or two to keep an eye out for suspicious activity in the neighborhood. When we all do this, there will be many eyes watching out for us all. Remember, we are not police officers or licensed security officers. OBSERVE (suspicious activity) – AVOID (confrontation) - REPORT (to law enforcement). Our safety is the priority. Our safety is the only priority.

Report all suspicious activity to law enforcement. In an emergency, dial 911. The non-emergency number is (760) 836-3215 Extension #5. If in doubt, call 911. When calling in to the non-emergency number, you can make your call anonymous but if you would like a report of the outcome, give the operator all the information asked for. Be prepared to describe what you saw....What...Where...WHen...Who....What they looked like...Where they went...How did they leave... In the near future, you'll be receiving a notebook with the following information to keep next to the phone for just such an emergency...

Desert Pride Neighborhood Watch
Police: Non-Emergency (760) 836-3215 #5
email: desertpride@dc.rr.com

Keep the faith!