Monday, December 30, 2013

Assessment Distict news ...

In speaking to the Public Works Director today, we can expect to receive more information in early January about the Assessment District topic. Hopefully, it will allow a better understanding of the thinking behind the proposal to determine what is best for us, the value of our property and it's it's continuing appreciation now that values are starting to turn around. Keep the faith !!!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Typhoon Haiyan

Manny the Movie Guy and the gang at KMIR6 held a great fundraiser for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan on Wednesday ... unfortunately, I didn't know of it until Gloria and Thalia's great reporting of the event in yesterday morning's telecast. Inspired ... the Season of Giving started early. I was able to put together some donations: canned and dehydrated food, water, clothes, blankets, flashlights, batteries, can openers ... Has your "Season of Giving" started yet? Contact me with questions about how to help

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Speeding in Desert Pride - continued ...

Over the past two weeks, the Police Department had dispatched their Rate of Speed trailer in various parts of the development to allow us all to understand what our normal pattern is and how that relates to the safety of our families, neighbors, guests and pets. Any thoughts you'd like to share?

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

La Quinta steps up for Desert Pride

Have you noticed any difference in the cleanliness of our streets in the last couple of weeks? I sure have ... I was out and about recently and ran across a city employee cleaning out the waterways around some intersections in the development. This, along with the normal water flow about the development, will help particulates and other debris move along and be accessible for the street sweepers ... not to mention that the possibilities of mosquito and other growth will be tremendously removed. Ask and ye shall receive ... I understand that at least this person has been assigned to the north side ... more info to follow upon discovery ... Keep the faith ...

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Did you know there is a Desert Pride BLOG ???

While there is always an interest in keeping ourselves and our families safe and our property protected, we are also community-minded and must consider our neighbors. I don't know how many Owners/residents are even aware of the community information available for your review ... Should you have a moment, you might be quite interested in the Desert Pride Neighborhood Watch blog. Find it at: .... I am writing at this time (and will convert this article to a flyer) because the city recognizes that we have a speeding problem in the development and understands that like so many other North La Quinta neighborhoods, there are a lot of kids in and about our community not even considering that school is out now and kids are in harms way even more so ... The City is interested in getting a handle on the speeding problem before someone speeding to pickup or drop off their child OR someone who didn't plan properly might hurt somebody ... When you have time to check out the Blog, refer back to the original speeding article in May and then check the June article (Speeding Follow up)and then look at the map on the reverse of the flyer I will be handing out soon.
Please share your thoughts about 'Speeding' and any other issue OR any question about the neighborhood that you might have. Kindly use the following email address: ... I know the email address may be long however once you type it you'll never have to type it again - your computer will save it for you :) ... As always ... Keep the faith !!! . Your neighbor - Roger A. Sullivan

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mondays are street sweeping days ...

Not everyone may be aware that Mondays are when our streets in Desert Pride get services by the street sweepers (even though they are sown to every other week, now) ... the vehicle in the photo was selected for convenience out of many and should not be construed as the only resident who may not know the schedule ... so please try to remember to move your vehicles off the streets on Monday if you can and keep Desert Pride cleaner and our property values up :)

Carpet and Tile Cleaning has a new face ...

I wish to give a personal endorsement for superior tile and carpet cleaning at fantastic prices ... If you are interested, make sure you contact him to give you a quote - AT A MINIMUM

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Property values are rising again so ...

Property values are rising again so many things that seemed insignificant in the past are becoming more important to the value of the properties here in Desert Pride. Appraisers will tell you that little things like garbage cans left out and not kept behind gates as provided for in the Municipal Code, parked cars and trucks gathering spider webs and leaves or lawns and landscaping not maintained whether it's your house or the neighbor's can affect their appraisal of the property, not to mention the mindset of a Buyer or potential Buyer driving through to check out the development. Keep an open mind as to not only what is convenient for you but also what is the "right thing" to do ... Desert Pride Neighborhood Watch

Are you up to date on your Emergency Preparedness?

It's all been said much better than I could say it or have said it in past blogs ... check this out: Be prudent, keep yourself and the family safe and ... Keep the faith!!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Speeding in Desert Pride (FOLLOW-UP)

The City has been investigating the speeding issue here in Desert Pride. There initial thoughts are to install 25 MPH warning signs in approximately a dozen locations in the Development. They have indicated that they will have officers enforce the signs. What does that mean, you ask? It means patrol cars and motor officers "Cops on Motorcycles" will be keeping an eye on various areas and writing tickets to those who speed or endanger our health and safety and that of the kids in the development. In one span of a half dozen houses on Coldbrook there are 13 kids alone ... Just so happens to be one of the worst areas for speeders and these owners aren't the ones complaining ... but should be ... we all should be. There is also conversation about speed bumps ... Well, I am not necessarily a fan however they really shouldn't need to spend officers time watching for speeders and writing tickets if speed bumps are controlling traffic. Speeding ... What's it all about? Do you not plan accordingly and you are late? Call work, your friend, client, baby sitter or the restaurant where your reservation is and let them know you will be a few minutes late. This is not only the proper thing to do in relation to the person you will be interfacing with but it will also relieve your stress more importantly it may save a life. Let us all know what you think ... and as always ... Keep the faith !!! Roger

Friday, May 31, 2013

Where O Where have my street sweepers gone?

Has anybody besides me noticed that every time a car drive by in the development, a cloud of dust flies past immediately thereafter seemingly caught up in the draft of the motion?? Have you noticed the brush marks in the dust at curbside, particularly around corners and areas outlining where cars are parked when the street sweepers have to bypass them. Have you noticed the increased trash around the curbs? (pretty sure it's not from landscaping leftovers-but that's another story) Have you noticed the increased amount of trash in the pre-cut/formed areas nears entrance intersections and other areas that are supposed to let the sprinkler water overflow pass unobstructed to the city drains? Have you noticed these areas filling up with blow sand and many types of other trash then turning to sludge, reeking to no end and now holding water for possible mosquito growth, etc... What's happened to our clean city streets? Why has the City cut down to street sweeping every other week rather than every week as outlined in the City's Street Sweeping Program which can be found on the City's website under the Street Sweeping Schedule You can also see the Map for the program by clicking in that highlighted area of the page. or if you're not good with websites, read below: STREET SWEEPING PROGRAM The City of La Quinta is located within the jurisdiction of the Coachella Valley and is thereby impacted by the particulate matter (PM) control measures delineated in the Coachella Valley State Implementation Plan (SIP). The City of La Quinta has adopted an Ordinance, control measures and operating practices that require street sweeping as an air pollution reduction control measure specifically targeting Fugitive Dust Control PM10. PM10 is a pollutant that poses a significant health risk. PM10 is emitted from motor vehicles and other sources, one of which is “blow sand” deposited on roads and arterial highways. As vehicles travel over the roads, the sand is subsequently ground into fine particulates and blown back or “re-entrained” into the atmosphere. Frequent street sweeping is an effective strategy for reducing re-entrained road dust and mitigating airborne PM10. PM10 refers to particles with an aerodynamic diameter of 10 microns or smaller. For comparison, the diameter of a human hair is about 50 to 100 microns. Exposure to PM10 aggravates a number of respiratory illnesses and may even cause early death in people with existing heart and lung disease. PM10 includes the subgroup of finer particles with aerodynamic diameter of 2.5 microns and smaller (PM2.5). These finer particles pose an increased health risk because they can deposit deep in the lung and contain substances that are particularly harmful to human health. PM is a mixture of substances that include elements such as carbon and metals; compounds such as nitrates, organic compounds, and sulfates; and complex mixtures such as diesel exhaust and soil. These substances may occur as solid particles or liquid droplets. Some particles are emitted directly into the atmosphere. Others, referred to as secondary particles, result from gases that are transformed into particles through physical and chemical processes in the atmosphere. The City of La Quinta and its private contractor use PM10-efficient street sweepers that are certified by the SCAQMD and meet testing and performance standards set forth in SCAQMD Rule 1186. Each street identified on the Street Sweeping Schedule Map are swept a minimum of once per week, resulting in a minimum of 316 linear curb miles swept per month. The City of La Quinta uses alternative fuel vehicles (see photo below) that are powered by Compressed Natural Gas or "CNG" to perform its street sweeping operations. CNG Street Sweeper The City of La Quinta receives AB2766 Subvention Funds each year. The AB2766 Subvention Fund was adopted in 1990 and provides a revenue source to reduce emissions from motor vehicles. AB2766 Subvention Funds come from the annual DMV registration surcharge of $6 per vehicle, 40% or $4 goes to cities/counties annually. Funds are distributed to 160 participating local governments. The AB2766 funds are used to implement projects that reduce mobile source emissions. The MSRC is the Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee, established under state law (AB 2766) whose sole mission is to fund projects that reduce air pollution from motor vehicles within the South Coast Air Quality Managment District (SCAQMD). The SCAQMD is a geographic region defined in state regulations to include all of Orange County and portions of Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties. While the MSRC is not part of the SCAQMD, it has a unique relationship with the air district. The SCAQMD is one of eight member agencies of the MSRC, and by statute (AB 2766), the SCAQMD Governing Board is required to review and approve the MSRC’s annual Work Program in its entirety. The MSRC staff are located at the SCAQMD headquarters in Diamond Bar, and the monthly MSRC and MSRC-TAC meetings are held at the SCAQMD. Since the MSRC is a multi-agency committee, the SCAQMD also acts on the MSRC’s behalf as its contracting and legal agent. The South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) administers the AB2766 Subvention Fund Program. Please visit AQMD’s website at for more information about the AB2766 Subvention Fund. Click here to download the City of La Quinta's Street Sweeping Information Flyer. (probably won't work in this blog-just call) For more information on the City of La Quinta Street Sweeping Program, contact James Lindsey, Maintenance Services Division Manager, at (760) 777-7052 or email Ask questions and remember to "Keep the Faith"

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Speeding in Desert Pride

We have seen for ourselves that there are numerous areas in our development that our neighbors, their guests and even their customers seemingly fly down some of our streets in their vehicles. Are they trying to make up for lost time? Are they distracted? Don't they realize this is a community with children and pets? It's downright irritating that they have no concern for us. After interfacing with the City of La Quinta, the traffic division is to start reviewing the traffic flows to determine the best places to install speed limit signs; plus we should start seeing the units placed that let you know how fast your are going ... hopefully this will remind all of us to be careful ... especially those who have been scaring the heck out of a lot of us. As always ... Keep the faith ... and your eyes and ears open !!!

Summer 2013

Warm weather is early this year giving us a taste of what to expect for the next four months. Record highs make one wonder if we are gonna get hit harder this year after the milder summers of the past few years. Most of the snowbirds have gone home, there's lots of parking everywhere and the kids are finishing up the school year and dreaming of that wonderfully imminent summer vacation. Speaking of which, things really do slow down when schools close for the summer. Vacations start, kids go to camp or the beach, etc.; however... not everyone can get away. Boredom can set in quickly when there's little to do and no money to do it with ..... which reminds me of a quote I've cited previously "If the Devil finds a man idle, he'll set him at work - J. Kelly - Scottish Proverbs 1721. or how about the old one about idle hands and the devils workshop ... anyway, you get the point. Don't be a victim - Keep Alert -watch out for strange or new activity not only at your home but your neighbor's too! ... and keep your garage door(s) closed or at least only open enough so that no one can get under it, especially a small unattended child. Anyone can slip out of a car, into a garage and snag golf clubs or something else of value, sling it into the back of a truck and be gone in less than 10 seconds ... and this includes a purse while you carry the groceries into the house. Many people think keeping the garage door open at the bottom relieves the garage of some of the heat while their car cools ... Considering that heat rises, there may be no significant benefit anyway. You'd be better off installing a vent high above the existing vent(s) in your garage to allow a flow of air, getting an attic fan or whole house fan ... or even opening the side door to the backyard if the backyard gate is locked. Watering tip to save money, save water and make your landscape drought resistant: Water once in the morning, a good soak so the water goes deep and the roots will follow. Watering 3-5 times a day, might make you think you're being nice to your landscape but a lot of water hits the sidewalk and gutter 3-5 times a day taking your money with it. There's 3-5 times as much evaporation - wasted water and money; and finally, the roots remain close to the surface where they are subject to higher temperatures and if subjected to severe conditions or a REAL drought came, they have no chance ... plus, many homes have landscapers that set the timers when they scalp and/or re-seed and never change them again. You should investigate this for yourself. Water is a precious commodity. You might also consider a smart irrigation controller from CVWD. The best thing you can do for yourself is to stay hydrated. It's a good habit always but especially important in the summer. When you wake up, have a glass of water. Do you best to continue with water throughout the day. If you drink coffee, soda or energy drinks, you should drink a glass of water for each cup of coffee or can of soda you ingest. Lastly, if you start feeling the effects of the sun, get inside immediately, keep Pedialite or Vitamin Water in the house or car, get some cold water or even just cold compresses on the hot spots (head, wrists, carotid artery and feet), run through the sprinklers with the kids, take a shower if you can or just jump in the pool. Don't have a pool? make friends with your neighbor who has one ... a 5 minute dunk will lower your body temperature and take the teeth out of the hottest day even if your in no danger of heat stroke. As always ... keep the faith !!!

Monday, April 29, 2013


I do apologize for the lack of recent postings, my other life has kept me busy. I vow to get back up to speed in the very near future. Next topic is "Speeders in the Development"