Thursday, August 17, 2017

Paying it forward

Today was another very pleasant "Pay it forward day" ... As we have done for quite a few years now, my office mates and I find ways to make the start of school a fun thing for 3 of the 4 Fourth grade classes out at Oasis School in Thermal. This year was a little different because not only were the students new to 4th grade, several of the teachers were new as well ... We started with an introduction and the attention and thankfullness was already apparent. We moved on to passing out pencil boxes ( loaded with goodies - pencils, pens, crayons, colored pencils, highlighters, scissors, pencil sharpeners, glue sticks, etc ...) dry erase boards, rulers, pads of paper ... and yes a small snack and juice ... It is a heartwarming visit each time we go. We'll be back to preparing for our Christmas visit right away and after the holidays we'll get on to the reading program where we gather as many children's books as possible to enhance their development. If you are cleaning out the garage or a closet and find any children's books, please call me and help pay it forward :)

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